Elaine Shines

My background includes 17 year's sales management with two amazing brands.  I started in specialty retail in Southern California with Gap Inc.  I fell in love with selling the clothes off my back, so to speak.  Wardrobing for my customers came natural to me.  I quickly started getting promoted. 

At that point I fell in love with leading and developing teams.  This took me from California to running stores in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM for the Gap brand, then finally to Dallas/Fort Worth area.  My want for more of a chic, sophisticated approach to one on one selling luxury took me to being Store Manager for Micheal Kors.  This was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to a need and the want for a personalized service.  I have always been passionate about fashion and tenacious to teach and coach to improving skills to my subordinates exceeding results.  I have always been counted on by friends and colleagues to support and lead events because of such skills.  My summary of qualifications also include arranging private and commercial airfare for performance artists, arranging and coordinating ground transportation for the artists to and from hotel performance venue.  In addition, I have also served as a liaison between sponsors, vendors and VIP with the president of Fusion promotions.

Over the past eight years I have taken friends out for one on one shopping for both clothing and gifting needs; from an entire new wardrobe to fetching gifts.

This is my passion and now my career, personal service......